Admissions and Departure of Learners

Hope Of Africa Junior Christian College is a fully integrated private school

Admissions Policy

It is expected of all prospective parents to study the code of conduct for learners and sign it.

Admission Requirements

There is an admin fee which is a once-off fee and payable in advance. Fees are payable even though your child is not present.

Provision will be made for children from surrounding areas as well as within the Goodwood area.

Documentation requested on admission

Applicants have to present the following documentation to the Principal:

  • Proof of Immunization (Grade 1 only)
  • Birth Certificate / Identity Document
  • Reliable scholastic records
  • Applicants may not be more than two years older than the average age of the grade for which he/she applies
  • One or both parents must accompany the pupil
  • Parents / guardians of applicants have to accept the financial responsibility as set out by the school, in order to maintain optimum educational conditions
  • Applicants and their parents / guardians must promote the norms of the school and abide by the rules

Departure of Learners

The Principal must be notified, in writing, a term prior to the departure of any child. This will enable the school to complete the transfer documentation.

The transfer form will only be handed over once all school property, which the child may have in his/her possession, has been handed in and school fees are paid to date.