We aim to offer an holistic education of the highest quality and relevance to children from diverse backgrounds to develop their full potential as contributing members of society.

Positive Motivation

The Principal and staff commit themselves to the positive motivation of learners to stay within the acceptable norms of behaviour.

The educators have different motivational techniques in the classroom.

Code of Conduct

Hope Of Africa Junior Christian College is a fully integrated private school

Day-to-Day Discipline strategies

The class teacher handles the day-to-day discipline within the classroom by:

  • Gaining the respect and trust of pupils
  • Setting clear boundaries as to what is acceptable or not
  • Discussing and recording behavioural boundaries with the entire class
  • Setting individual / personal goals
  • Setting class goals for the week, term and year
  • Making use of merits / demerits to record progress and lack thereof
  • Focusing on the good and positive


Our mission is based on a core set of values:

  • The Word of God
  • A commitment to quality
  • Ecological sustainability
  • Equity
  • Holistic educational development
  • Mutual respect
  • Relevance to our time, our society and the children’s needs and aspirations
  • Freedom of expression
  • Social justice

With reference to our aims and core values, members of the community should enjoy the following rights and responsibilities.


  • Mutual respect and dignity
  • Tolerance, freedom of racism, sex and religious bigotry
  • Freedom from exploitation, neglect, physical, verbal or emotional abuse
  • Information concerning the educational progress and freedom to express opinions on matters affecting the educational progress
  • The best holistic education possible in a caring, safe and comfortable environment
  • The best working conditions possible for teachers and pupils, with parental and management support.

Responsibilities of Parents / Teachers

  • To adhere to the code of conduct and school rules
  • To respect and maintain school resources
  • To respect one’s own and other’s property
  • To fulfill commitments punctually
  • To establish and maintain good communication with one another while respecting confidentiality where necessary
  • To acquire and maintain self-discipline and encourage it in others
  • To use socially accepted language and pay attention to the person who is speaking
  • To be considerate of others
  • To attend meetings and gatherings
  • Pupils should wear the correct uniform and be adequately prepared for the school each day
  • Parents should support their children by ensuring that they have the necessary marked clothing and equipment, that they observe reasonable bedtimes and have adequate food each day
  • Teachers should maintain a high standard of professional conduct to empower pupils in terms of the school’s mission statement and set of core values

Admissions and Departures of Learners

Admissions Policy

It is expected of parents to study the agreement and sign it.

Admissions Requirement

There is an admin fee which is a once off fee payable in advance. Fees are payable even though your child is not present.

Interpersonal Conduct

  • Treat everyone with respect
  • Greet everybody, observing common courtesies
  • In class acknowledge and greet all adult visitors
  • Stand back for adults in doorways
  • Stand, if sitting when approached by an adult
  • Assist others who are suffering
  • Respect everyone’s contribution
  • No bullying

Community Conduct

Corridors / Stairways

  • Move quietly and in single file
  • Always keep to the left
  • Line up in a double line outside the classroom
  • Stack cases neatly outside
  • No running inside the building

Hall / Assembly

  • The hall is out of bounds unless the pupils are being supervised or have been given permission to be there
  • Learners are to be lead in quickly and quietly
  • Sit quietly
  • Respond appropriately (e.g. clapping)


  • Do not litter
  • No dangerous games
  • Use play equipment correctly and safely


  • Keep toilets and basins clean
  • Respect the privacy of others
  • No games, eating or horseplay


  • Respect trees and plants
  • Be security conscious
  • No stealing
  • No vandalism
  • No eating / drinking or bad behaviour in vehicles
  • No standing on seats or slamming of vehicle doors
  • Treat school property with care

Sport / Extramural / Outings

  • Honour commitments / be punctual
  • Dress appropriately for matches and practices
  • Excuse yourself personally from the coach/organizer with a letter from the parents, one day prior to matches
  • Behave correctly while in transit
  • Thank parents, teachers, referees, etc, involved
  • Practice a Spirit of sportsmanship—thanks / congratulate all opponents
  • Take responsibility for all equipment