School Fees for the 2013 Year

We would like to sincerely thank those parents who make a concerted effort to pay their school fees diligently every month, we applaud you.

Hope of Africa endeavours to deliver the best possible education to our children with sound Biblical principles but without the payment of school fees this is not possible.

Every parent is in a partnership relationship with the Hope of Africa Junior Christian College as our main goal is to educate and love the children.

School Fees

Registration Fees

Every new pupil has to pay an enrollment fee which is non-refundable. This is a once-off fee payable during registration.


The school receives funds from donors which are exclusively dedicated to children that are either orphans or fatherless. These funds are limited and the children that qualify for assistance are educated at the school for free.

Payment Procedure

Fees are to be paid by debit order (EFT) into the bank account. The receipt is to be presented to the Administrator.

Banking Details

Name of Account Hope Of Africa Junior Christian College
Type Cheque Account
Acc No 071293353
Bank Standard Bank
Branch Cape Gate