Our Vision / Mission Statement

Hope Of Africa Junior Christian College is a fully integrated private school

To empower and equip our children for the future through a loving, caring and teaching environment.

Our Mission is:

  • to promote fundamental biblical beliefs;
  • to provide an excellent academic standard of learning at affordable rates;
  • to help children be motivated and know what they want in life;
  • to teach children how to set goals and achieve them;
  • to develop a Christ-like character in the children;
  • to prepare children to engage and participate in society;
  • to provide an atmosphere of love, encouragement and safety;
  • to provide education to children of disadvantaged and deprived families by providing access to the school;
  • to integrate children of all walks of life and develop a non-racial, non-class and non-gender community;
  • to sponsor on merit orphans, fatherless and abandoned ? children;
  • to pray for and love every child unconditionally