Parents and the School


The parents and educators are in partnership, with the child as a central goal. Such a partnership requires mutual trust and good communication. The school reaches out to the home and depends on our parents to become positively involved in the school activities.

Parent Meetings

Early in the first term all parents are invited to a meeting, where important information regarding school and class matters are discussed.

Parent Evenings

During the last two weeks of each term, Parent Evenings are arranged, where parents can individually discuss the progress of the child with the teachers.

Visits to the school

All parents, wishing to have a meeting with the teacher, [other than parent evenings] must arrange an appointment with the Secretary.

Rules & Responsibilities


No dyed hair.
Boys: hair must not touch collar, not over the ears, above eyebrows.
Girls:  Tie up shoulder length hair [navy blue or white accessories]

Ask parents to have pupil’s hair cut

Ensure that child’s hair is according to regulations.

Check hair regularly.

Children must arrive at school by 07:55

Child must encourage parents to get him/her to school on time.

Parents must rise early enough to ensure that their children get to school on time.

Teachers must insist on punctuality and set a good example.

Children must no disturb teachers during breaks.  In an emergency, go to the office or to the teacher on Break Duty.

Children must not knock at the staff room door.

Parents must encourage children to obey this rule.

Teachers must inform children that they should go to the teacher on Break Duty if they have a problem.

No eating / drinking in school building, except on rainy days.

Children must not eat / drink in the school building.

Parents must encourage children to obey this rule.

Teachers must insist that the children take lunch out to break with them in their lunchboxes.

Property is to be respected and left alone.

Return / pay for goods.  Apologize.

Check bags.  Get help for the child.

Get help for the child.  Teach the children re seriousness of theft.

Children should show respect for peers and for teachers / adults.

Child must show respect, politeness and good manners

Parents must reinforce school ethos

Teachers must insist on respect. One rule per week.

No talking in the hall prior, during and after assembly.

Child must not talk in the hall.

Parent must support the school’s rule.

Teachers must insist on silence and set a good example themselves.

No children are allowed in classrooms without a teacher’s       supervision.

Children must not remain in a classroom.

Parents must support the school’s rule

Teachers must ensure that all children have left the classroom before leaving themselves.

No children are allowed in the school building before or after school and during breaks

Children must not be in the school building during breaks, before or after school

Parents must support the school’s rule and ensure that children are collected on time

Teachers must insist that children leave the school building.

Silence in passages, walk in single file on the left hand side

Show consideration for others

Parents should be supportive of the school’s rule

Teachers must insist on silence in the passages

No littering is allowed

Children must be responsible for a clean school

Parents should be supportive of the school’s rule

School must ensure that there are enough bins.  Teachers must organise different classes to clean various classes.

Correct uniform must be worn

Ensure that you have the correct uniform and if not, insist on a note being written by a parent

Ensure that their child’s uniform is correct and neat and, if not, that you write a note

Check uniforms regularly.  Tell children to neaten their appearances.

Correct clothing is to be worn for all extramural activities [practices and matches]

Check that clothing is packed the night before

Ensure that clean clothing is available.  Train the child to remember

Insist on correct dress

Children must go straight home after school / extramurals.  Wait in playground until collected

Go home immediately.  Wait in playground for parent.

Make clear arrangements the day before.  Insist that the child come straight home.  Be punctual in collecting your child.  Supply a telephone card.

Remind children constantly

All items of clothing must be marked

Look after all clothing / equipment

Ensure that all equipment is marked

Remind children to mark clothing and check that it is marked.

Only watches and medic alert bracelets are allowed
Boys: No other jewelry
Girls: Single gold studs or      sleepers. No other jewelry.

Do not wear jewelry which is not allowed.  Do not wear nail polish.

Ensure that children do not come to school with incorrect jewelry, and that nail polish is not applied before school hours

Check for jewelry / nail polish

Cleanliness and hygiene are very important

Always be clean and have clean clothing

Ensure that your children are clean and neat.

Check on cleanliness.  Educate children of the importance of cleanliness and hygiene

Acceptable behaviour and dress in public places

Dress neatly.  Be proud of your school. Do not do anything which will damage the image of the school.

Ensure that your children’s uniform is neat

Instill a sense of loyalty of the school in our pupils

All homework must be done on time

Give homework books to parent/s

Parent/s must sign the homework book

Teacher must monitor homework

Homework books must be signed

Give homework book to the parent/s

Ensure that the book is signed

Check that the homework books have been signed

All reply slips must be returned by the due date

Give reply slips to parent/s

Fill in reply slip and return

Monitor return or reply slips

All books must be brought to school

Check bags for books

Set routine. Remind children of books

Educate the importance of bringing books

Children must commit themselves to extramurals for whole season and be punctual.

To see to it that they attend.  Talk to teacher if there is a problem.

Encourage a child, show an interest.  Ensure commitment for a whole season.  Send a letter if there is a problem.

Keep a register.  Make extramurals         interesting.

Good sportsmanship and behaviour at all times

To ensure good sportsmanship and conduct.

Reinforce what the teacher says.

Insist on team spirit and good behaviour.

Everybody has the right not to be subjected to physical abuse.

Child must learn not to resort to physical force to resolve problems.

Get help for the child [counseling].  Teach children not to resort to physical force to solve problems.

Teach tolerance, how to solve problems.  Get help for child [counseling]

Everybody has the right to freedom from verbal abuse.

Eradicate unacceptable language.

Set a good example.  Reinforce the school rule.

Be vigilant—act on every case of abusive language.

Note for absence is required.

Ask parent for note

Give child a note

Ask child for the note.

No playing in toilets.

Children are not allowed to play in the cloakrooms

Parents must be supportive of this rule.

Teachers must educate the children regarding this rule.